What's Church Like?

Join us on a Sunday

Join us on a Sunday!

One of the best ways to get to know us and learn more about Jesus, is to join us for one of our Sunday services.

During this COVID season, we've sometimes not been able to meet, or only some of us have been able to meet. So you can check out some of our services here, or on YouTube.

Our services are at 8am, 10am or 6pm each Sunday. 8am is a traditional service, which features words and prayers from the Anglican prayer book. It's really easy to follow along. 10am is an all-age service. During January, there are programs for kids who a younger than school age all the way through to year 6. High schoolers are encouraged to join their parents in the holiday period. 6pm Night Church is a contemporary service where anyone is welcome.

You're very welcome to join us at any of the services. Some welcomers will greet you at the door and help you scan a QR code to checkin. (You can check out our plans for COVID safety here.)

Every service is based around the Bible, and what it tells us about living life with Jesus as Lord. Each service contains, among other things:

  • songs (we're not able to sing indoors at the moment, so a band plays for us, or we watch some pre-recorded music)
  • prayer and bible reading (you can access the Bible for free here),
  • a sermon on the Bible text

You'll be warmly welcomed, and not asked to pray or read out loud.

Please join us!