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30th June 2020 - Bible Reading - Philippians 4

A plan for Tuesday...

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - of anything is praiseworthy - think about such things...

And if you're wondering what that means you should spend time thinking on today, I think the final descriptions gives it away, whatever is praiseworthy...

His name is Jesus...

a prayer for today

A prayer for today: A prayer of repentance - Lord, we confess that too often we look into ourselves rather than looking our to your world, or into your word. Give us eyes to see, hearts to love, minds to understand and wills to obey. In Christ’s name. Amen.

29th June 2020 - Bible Reading - Philippians 3

How valuable to you is 'knowing Christ'?  

How important is it to know the experience of becoming like him?

The Apostle Paul says he would and has lost all things for that cause (3.8).

To live is to know Christ as our righteousness before God

To live is to know the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings.

To live is to know the power of his resurrection for us

a prayer for today

A prayer for today: Give thanks that Jesus Christ stands between us and God, carrying the burdens of our sinful grumbling. Give thanks that he offers us gracious help in our time of need.

28th June 2020 - Bible Reading - Philippians 2

I am struck by what verse 21 doesn't say.

'Everyone looks out for his own interest..'

I expect that the next thing will be ...rather than the interest of others...

But instead it is this...rather than those of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is not to just to avoid self-centredness but also to avoid human centredness.

The mindset we should be seeking is the mind of Christ, his concern for others, his purposes for others, rather than our own or even their's!

a prayer for today

A prayer for today: Pray for wisdom and unity as we consider starting new Sunday gatherings, to adapt to restrictions and enable St Andrew’s to grow.

27th June 2020 - Bible Reading - Philippians 1

This letter is all about how to live a joyful life as a Christian. It is a life that is a work in progress - a work God promises to carry through to completion (Phil 1.6)

a prayer for today

Give thanks and pray for our student ministers - Meagan McGilvray, Andy Tuskan, Ben Feather and Jonathan Adams.