The way forward for us in this season

Latest Information

Updated 20/7/21

Livestream Church - 9am - click to go to livestream
We’ll meet together as a whole church family each Sunday.

Pre-school children (Infinity)
Each week we’ll produce a short (15 min) video. We can send a link to parents to watch with their children (whenever suits). Get in contact if you'd like the link.

Kindy - Year 5 (Kids Church)
The Kids Church team will host a Zoom hang-out for kids after the livestream (from 10:15am). Fill in the permission form now.

Year 6 - 9 (Vine Sundays)
Our youth will join the first part of the Sunday livestream, but head into a youth Zoom hang-out straight after the sermon (approx. 9:45 - 10:15). Fill in the permission form now.

Church Family ‘virtual’ morning-tea
After the livestream on Sunday we'll be sharing morning tea on Zoom together - we’d love to see you! Get in contact if you'd like the link.

Please do get in contact if you've got any questions or we can help during lockdown.


Zoom Holy Communion/Morning Prayer - 10 am

Each week we’ll host a short service of Holy Communion - all welcome. Please get in contact for the Zoom link.


Year 3 - 6 (The Stand & Club 66) Zoom arvo tea
On Fridays, starting July 23, The Stand and Club 66 will meet on Zoom, between 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm. We'll have a low-key afternoon tea time to catch up, play a game and learn from the Bible together! To get the link, fill in the permission form now, or email Andy.

Year 7 - 12 (Vine) Youth Zoom
On Friday nights, starting July 23, the Vine youth is meeting on Zoom - 7 pm to 8 pm. To get the link, fill in the permission form now, or email Ben.

COVID Principles

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact here in Australia and throughout the world, we know that our God is sovereign over the coming days and we trust him.

We commit to bring our world, our nation, our city before him, in prayer and thanksgiving for the suppression of the virus that has been made so far and the freedom that this has afforded our country.

We commit to keeping in step with the advice of the health authorities - whether than involves a tightening or easing of restrictions at different points.

We commit to being who we are as a church - gathering together as a diverse people bound together by God’s grace to hear his word - the word about his Son, our saviour Jesus - who died and rose again for us - a word that brings forgiveness, new life and hope forever!

With such a life changing news, we remain committed to to finding ways to gather onsite or in homes (as appropriate) and online (as necessary) to ensure that God’s word of grace is heard by our church and the community of Wahroonga.

We’re working hard to ensure that St Andrew’s remains a COVID safe place to gather. To find out more, check out our current COVID Safety Plans, and this short video about what to expect at our Sunday services.

If you'd like to get in contact with any questions or feedback on our plan, please send me an email or use the form below.